Wind Turbine Solutions

Wind Turbine is globally acknowledged and future proof renewable clean energy, the Bloomberg research indicates that 35% of global electricity expect to be provided by wind turbine and solar power in 2030 and 50% can be expected by 2050.

*Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance: New Energy Outlook 2019. June 2019.

The wind turbine generator has specific technology requirement in terms of electrical insulation performance, the wind turbine blade delivers the wind force into the generator, the rotor and stator are working against each other for the magnetic field to generate electricity, the solution we provide is a thermoset bonding with structural reinforced electrical insulation for rotor under harsh temperature requirement.

This B2B solution segment with high industrial specialized expertise and design intellectual properties which not able to disclose in detail without consent. AMBC is glad to help discuss further with your specific requirement with our expertise.