Capabilities of Fiberglass

Fiberglass is already with us for many decades. It is a lightweight material with remarkable strength, meanwhile, it is the material also highly anti-corrosion, with perfect electrical insulation, thermal insulation properties, anti-flame, and radiation transparency, as integrated performance materials, especially the performance will not compromise under extreme temperature conditions which are trusted and applied by many industries.

Applications of Fiberglass

From the tensile strength (fatigue) and electrical insulation performance required by wind turbine blades, and generators to the aerodynamic, and anti-corrosion high-speed rail headpiece and body structural requirement, fiberglass is widely serving multiple high-end industries for decades.

The boat we sail, the snowboard we surf, the bridge we walk, the window we open, fiberglass is with us every single day.


What We Do with Fiberglass

We are proud to provide such advanced material for renewable clean energy, carefree and long-lasting service infrastructures, and hopefully, we are able to serve the window that surrounds the sun shining through every morning and protect you from the harsh weather conditions, and those journeys will be with you for next 50 years to come without care and attention.


Due to massive global increasing application requirement, global industry leaders made huge progress in terms of fiberglass recycling, we are willing to elaborate more detail regard your sustainability concern.

Fiberglass Performance Cluster

Fiberglass profile is the best performance window frame profile you can have.