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We believe in continuously adding value through innovation. We empower our clients to adapt to a quickly changing market environment. We also believe that innovation can help us built a better future – together.

After years of R&D with help of a global tier 1 industry leader, we are now able to provide affordable and top-quality 2ⁿᵈ generation fiberglass window frame profiles to the European market, which with the best performance across existing window frame material originating from the high-end industry.

We apply widely acknowledge Innovation Product Development Framework to ensure the End 2 End product quality and Business Advancement 

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Wind Turbine Solutions

Industrial Specified Electrical Insulation Solutions

We continue serving our clients and help them generate clean energy for the world, and we keep innovating the solution we offering to reach the evolving technology requirement.

The solution we provide serving 6 European countries and acting as a key electrical insulation package for wind turbine generator.

More than 300 wind turbines built annually with our systematically tested and commercially applied structural reinforced electrical insulation solutions.

Home Insulation and Safety Solutions

Fiber Glass Home Profiles

After years of R&D with help of a global tier 1 industry leader, we able to provide top quality and affordable 2ⁿᵈ generation fiberglass window frame profile to the European market, 2ⁿᵈ gen material is purposely developed for window frame profile applications, the best performance material with enhanced features originating from the high-end industries.

The 2ⁿᵈ Gen fiberglass window frame profile has exclusive advantages for the European market with the comprehensively best performance across exiting materials.

And we are looking into the further requirement to combine the door frame profiles, smart ventilation, and doorsteps with our innovation capabilities

Anti-Corrosion Infrastructures

2ⁿᵈ Gen Fiber Glass Bridge System

Rain, sunshine, snow, storm, salty coastline, temperature variation, the infrastructure get corrosion quickly under the test of mother nature. We need to keep our infrastructures functioning with regular check and operation expense (OPEX), to keep them safe.

The fiberglass bridge system is our answer because of the nature of our innovation we would like to offer products one step better with 2ⁿᵈ generation profile material, however, the journey is way more challenging than we expected, we are close to our product availability under trial production stage.

We only able to show the 3D drawing of the system at this moment, let’s looking forward to the general available product in the coming future