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2nd Gen Fiber Glass Window Frame Profile

1st Gen Fiber Glass Window Frame is widely used in North America, where they have received positive feedback and increasing demand. We believe our 2nd generation will provide a comprehensively better experience to the European Market. The Fundamental differences between 1st gen and 2nd gen come from raw martial combination and production process upgrade. All aspects of performance and features upgrades make the 2nd generation as ultimate window frame profiles.

Fiber Glass window frame profiles Native Features

U value

Our fiberglass profiles, with top thermal insulation performance, can achieve 0.75w/(m²K) with a specific profile design, glass fitting, and extra foam injection.


Perfect Contraction and Expansion Rate 

Our fiberglass profiles have perfect contraction rate and expansion rate, which is same to glass and is similar to concrete, to minimize the impact of changes in the temperature difference between cold and heat on the seal.



Fiberglass profiles also provide extra safety precaution. Our window frames are made from 80% of fiberglass, which is highly flame retardant and self-extinguishing. In the test, the window frame with flame-retardant glass fiber profiles, burned for 60 minutes, can maintain its completeness.

(Here we are expecting the partner of the European market anti-flame test)


High-performance Anti Corrosion 

High corrosion resistance makes our window frame profiles maintenance-free, as a result, it can offer lifetime cost savings that is especially suitable for the European market with high labor costs.


Suitable for Coastal Area

The fiberglass window frame is an ideal choice for coastal areas, which often encountered salt accelerated corrosion issue.

2nd Gen Fiber Glass Extra Features

Silky Smooth Appearance

The silky-smooth surface of our 2nd-generation fiberglass profile brings excellent painting effect and touch feel. We recommend using a double layer of spray paint OR a long-lasting baking powder coating


Metal Comparable Machining Process

2nd gen fiberglass profiles are just as easy and adaptive to work with as metal. This means that the existing machining line can be easily applied to our fiberglass window profiles.  


Detail Design Possibilities

2nd Gen Fiber Glass window frame profile material is specifically developed for window frame profile application to adapt to the most of the window design requirements and regulations.


Enhanced Strength Performance

On average, 2nd generation fiberglass window frames are 2.5 times stronger than 1st-generation, measured in bending strength, flexural modulus, specific stiffness, tensile strength, and specific strength. Thanks to the excellent enhanced strength performance of 2nd-generation fiber glass window frame profiles, end-user can experience larger glass with slimmer frames. Especially the aluminum will not be the only choice for high-rising buildings.

Smart Fiber Glass Ventilation Profiles

Telecom 5G IoT technology and 2nd Gen Profile Materials combination enlighten the possibilities of our ambitious.


  • The smart sensor system expects to detect indoor temperatures, oxygen levels, and humidity and automatically ventilate indoor areas as needed.
  • The system expects to be solar-powered, including plug-and-play upgrade possibilities.
  • The appearance and touch are in harmony with our fiberglass window frames.

Fiberglass Profiles are Stronger and Smarter than you ever imaging!


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