GRP pultrusion profile (Standard)

AMBC has great access to molds for standard composite profiles via our factory and partners in China.

There are over one hundred molds available in the mold warehouse, and some profiles are in stock in our warehouse in the Netherlands.

GRP pultrusion profile (Customized)

Polyurethane profile

The unique beauty of composite material is that the material can be designed specifically for its application.

AMBC will explore more applications in the PU pultrusion process. Our team will always be at your service to provide the best solutions/profiles for your projects.

GRP pultrusion profile (Customized)

Polyester profile

The profiles can be customized to fit their application not only in terms of the shape and dimensions but also regarding the glass fiber, resin, and type of mat used.

AMBC pultruded polyester profiles have been applied in many fields, such as infrastructure, civil engineering, sewer treatment, the energy sector, and more.


Customized GRP pultrusion polyester Z profile

During the sewer renovation project in Oss, the contractor was looking for a pultrusion profile that could precisely fit their project (as shown in the picture).

The AMBC engineering team worked on this pultrusion Z profile and successfully delivered it to the customer.

The Z profile was designed and manufactured in accordance with the NEN-EN 13706 standard.

As a result, the contractor approached us for more of these profiles for their new project.

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The AMBC team will support and work with the customer throughout the entire project to design and produce the best technical and economical solutions.


AMBC B.V. is an innovative composite pultrusion company that was founded in 2018. We offer creative and competitive composite solutions for our clients.

We are working with glass fiber and different types of resins, such as polyester, vinyl ester, and polyurethane. A client-oriented business case can be carried out through our broad knowledge of composite applications and production methods.

AMBC B.V. is excited to provide a green, sustainable product.



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